Suicide Squad Review

I have a blog and just saw a movie. You know what that means! Review time!

Just came back from watching Suicide Squad. Fun story: the release was pushed forward two weeks on last notice. Good for me, probably a bad sign for WB. Or not so good, because I didn’t much care for the film. Didn’t think it was particularly atrocious, but it was easily the worst superhero movie this year.

Watching the first act gave me Fantastic Four (2015) flashbacks because I knew of the rivaling cuts, etc, and it certainly felt completely butchered, the standout being Amanda Waller explaining why the team should be founded… followed by a scene were she explains why the team should be founded. It also had severe tonal issues in what was shown on screen and what happened presentation wise, like the goofy overlays, pop music and sound effects over prisoner abuse. The movie gets way better, however, when the second act finally comes around and the team deploys and it finally starts playing to its strengths, namely the characters. Minus the Joker, because that stuff was mostly boring because of how detached from the plot it was. The portrayal itself didn’t bother me because I have actually read a comic or two or watched a movie/cartoon in my life with different portrayals of the Joker. Stand out, like Jessica said in our podcast discussion is clearly Margot Robbie as Harley though, she absolutely knocked it out of the park. Will Smith was good as well, nice and charismatic like he hasn’t been in years. Rest of the cast was hit and miss, Captain Boomerang yeah, Rick Flag not so much. El Diablo was good too, everyone else kinda sucked. Oh and that fucking pink unicorn was gold!

For those interested, here’s our podcast discussion on the subject:

I think the bar scene is a sign of what Ayter wanted to do at the beginning and everything else feels very much designed by committee, mainly because it was. I really don’t want the DC Extended Universe to stand for DVD Cut Extended Universe. Let filmmakers make films or tell them from the beginning that you’re making a “designed by committee” film.

Overall I wouldn’t really recommend it. Bored me about as much as Civil War but Civil War at least still had consistency and a boring but practical routine going on that this lacks. It was, however, not as terrible as people have made it out to be. Doesn’t make it good though either. I would, however, really like to see a proper sequel that hasn’t been butchered. Or David Ayter’s Director’s Cut, which ever comes first.


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