You Wouldn’t Believe How Clickbait Ruins Everything In This Self-Demonstrating Title

Clickbait that’s clickbaity in its clickbaitiness

Got you all in with that title, didn’t I? Good, that will get the views rolling.

My main issue with the internet as is, both journalism and entertainment, is the reliance on click bait to get anywhere these days. Doesn’t matter how high- or low-brow you are in your creative work, if you don’t work well together with search term algorithms you have no point of getting anywhere.

Which makes you wonder: is it really click bait if it’s just a sensationalized summary of what actually happens within the article or video? In regards to journalism, isn’t it useful to have search term-ready headlines, headlines that tell you, summary, what you are about to read? It sure does help me pick and choose what to read and what to skim in the paper every day.

I think the reason clickbait gets my blood boiling so much because it’s almost synonymous now with drama, be it Youtube drama or the latest non-troversy that has happened somewhere where someone’s feelings were hurt. It’s not about meaningful content, it’s only about tricking people into reading something without any real value, that only makes them comment.



Author: Alex

Full time student, part time "writer" of things.

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