Online Novel: Historian’s Crusade – The One Year Anniversary (+Cover)

Historian’s Crusade is coming to Kindle

In the proper way of using the word, Historian’s Crusade will celebrate it’s one year anniversary this month. Last October I started up the online serialized novel simply to force myself to write and actually finish something. So far the feedback has been encouraging, with views of the different chapters still making up half my monthly hits on this website. But it was always my intent of publishing the final, reworked, version of Historian’s Crusade on Kindle. Yeah, that took a while…

Truth be told, the reason it took so long was because I started writing a sequel book of sorts starring the fictional writer of Historian’s Crusade, titled Historian’s Quest. So while that book is now also done as a second draft, it allowed me to go back and add some new paragraphs here and there in Historian’s Crusade. This not only allows for some nice foreshadowing to the upcoming book but also tightens the continuity between the two.

So the updated version will cost something, it will be on Amazon Kindle and available world-wide. The book will be the equivalent of $2.99 (I firmly believe a book shouldn’t be cheaper than a cup of Starbucks coffee) and include changes from the original version posted online, as well as about 130 footnotes and a full bibliography. And this is important: the first draft will remain online for free forever. If you don’t want to buy the book feel free to read it online, but you will miss out on half the fun in form of footnotes making it truly feel like the fictitious history book it was always meant to be.

And there’s more. My friend Peter, known from all the conversations I turned into essays on this very blog, has outdone himself with a stunning cover. Later this week he will also provide a short illustrator’s note to the book to be published on the website in time with Amazon Kindle Publishing giving the go-ahead when the book goes live. Until then enjoy the latest version of the cover. It still needs some changes, but we are on a good track.


Historian’s Crusade will be out on Kindle within the week. Stay tuned for more.


Author: Alex

Full time student, part time "writer" of things.

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