Star Trek Discovery “The War Without, The War Within”: Kindness and Optimism

There won’t be a full review this week as Jessica and I will be focussing on writing a longer editorial for next week. But there is one scene in this week’s episode that needed to be highlighted.


The mess hall scene will likely go down in Star Trek history and is probably the last scene necessary for pretty much everyone to realize the importance of Tilly to the show. The second half of the season very much felt like a mirror (hahahaha) of the first and this moment is exactly that. Recall Michael Burnham’s position on Discovery after the Battle of the Binary Stars. That moment in Context is for Kings when Detmar recognizes Michael and Detmar flees, leaving Michael alone. This scene is its counterpart and this time the crew reacts very differently, shaped by a season’s worth of material. Tilly represents the best that Star Trek, and Starfleet, has to offer. Naivity, this season says, screams quite loudly, is just the cynic’s way of classifying optimism, compassion, kindness.

People have said that Discovery is a bastardization of Star Trek. No, it’s Star Trek boiled down to its essence. Without shadows there is no light of hope. Discovery managed to be more Trek in one season than some of the shows in their entire run. This scene here is the final building block with which you recognize it and, if necessary, bash someone over the head who still whines about it.

Bring on the final episode.


Author: Alex

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