Reflections on Historian’s Crusade

After long absence because of my school workload, I’ve decided to post more regularly on the blog again. Starting with an updated re-posting of Historian’s Crusade.

Disalienation, however, will not make its way onto the blog because I want to rework it a bit with the better parts of Crusade working as interludes in-between chapters. I never felt quite comfortable posting it to KDP when I did, worrying about the possible reception. One review did exactly what I feared would happen and considered the whole thing a Star Trek rip-off. A point well taken, I have to admit, despite the fact that it is its own work, the structure doesn’t quite work as the history book originally intended. So why not have some fun with it here while I prepare a re-worked version of Disalienation?


Author: Alex

Full time student, part time "writer" of things.

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