My name is Alex, I am a full time university student with B.A.s in History and English, currently getting my Masters in History. Other than that I am somewhat of a self-hating geek. I mostly just like Deep Space Nine, Stargate, Deadwood, The Wire, movies ranging from Robocop to Lawrence of Arabia, have a love-hate relationship with comics and video games, and try to find meaning in stuff that probably doesn’t warrant it. Basically I’m the guy who hates everything because hating = having standards, and I have a self-made “the end is nigh” sign for superhero movies, physical media, and video game consoles. So far the end isn’t here, but hey, it might be someday and then who will be laughing?

This blog is dedicated to my occasional writing diatribes that nobody cares about but more importantly my novels and short stories that will be posted here for free in a first or second draft version, so check them out and let’s have some fun.